By no exaggeration,‘3 idiots could rank the top-one Indian movie in my
list. During the 3-hours’ time,I felt it nothing tedious and could
indulge myself in the various stories and also the slice of life by the
characters.Separated from the traditional Bollywood movies characterised
by its singing and dancing scenes,this movie seeks more than the
superficial level.

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It delivers profound themes such like do not load too much pressure over
the young people.India ranks No.1 in suicides,cases of them seems all
committed by the youth themselves but actually were murdered by the
pressure around.This kind of mental pressure originates not only from
the educating system but also from the family expectations and
responsibility.The chief character Rancho is just the very person to
give the suggestion.He’s bold enough to criticise the titled professor
and sarcastically points out the unappropriated teaching method that are
widely applied.Just as told in movie,students are just trained to get
high scores but not well educated in their specific knowledge scope.To
his friend Raju and Fanhan,he give each one the courage to offload the
family burden and to pursue the ideal life which has been long dreamed
of.To me,Rancho is such a talented person who doesn’t limit in his
loving mechanism field but also does play a practical engineer to fix
the complex problems of the life operation.

     A few days ago, a film named “Wrestling Competition” was popular in
China. But in here I do not want to talk about” Wrestling Competition”.
What I want to say is the masterpiece of the male starring in the
“Wrestling Competiton” Amir Han – “3 Idiots”. A film which is considered
as one of the greatest movie in the world.
    “3 Idiots” was adapted from “Five Point Someone” – a popular novel
in India. It talks a story about 3 students named Farhan, Rancho and
Raju in Royal College of Engineering. Farhan and Raju are students and
roommates at the prestigious Imperial College of Engineering Farhan has
a secret passion to be a photographer, but studies engineering in fear
of his father, whereas Raju chooses engineering to support his family,
but has poor grades because he lacks self-confidence. Their third
roommate and friend, Rancho is a highly talented and eccentric inventor.
After giving unorthodox answers in class, Rancho comes into conflict
with the college’s director, Viru, known as “Virus”, whose traditional
and strict philosophies on education contrast sharply with Rancho’s
carefree love of learning.
Rancho quickly falls in love with Pia, Virus’ younger daughter, a
medical student, and always scores the highest marks out of his class,
much to the dismay of Virus. He also attracts the attention of a rival,
Chatur “Silencer” Ramalingam, an arrogant Ugandan-born Tamil student.
One night, the three friends drunkenly break into the Viru household to
allow Rancho to profess his love to Pia. After discovering their antics,
Virus threatens to expel Raju unless he writes a letter implicating
Rancho in the break-in. Unwilling to betray Rancho or disappoint his
family, Raju unsuccessfully attempts suicide by jumping. With intensive
care and support from his friends, Raju recovers in time to successfully
interview for a corporate job. Meanwhile, Rancho and Pia post Farhan’s
letter to his favorite photographer, who offers him a position as
assistant. Farhan still fears his father’s rejection, but after urging
from Rancho, he communicates his dream to his father, who gives his
reluctant acceptance.
Frustrated by Rancho’s influence on Raju and Farhan, Virus makes the
final exams so difficult that none of them can pass. Pia gives Virus’
spare office keys to Rancho to enable him to get the exam papers, but
Virus discovers the trio and expels them. However, when Virus’ pregnant
elder daughter Mona goes into labour during a heavy storm that cuts off
all power and traffic, Rancho uses his engineering knowledge to deliver
the baby in the college common room with Pia’s guidance. A grateful
Virus finally acknowledges Rancho as an extraordinary student, allowing
the three to graduate. Unexpectedly, Rancho disappears shortly after the
Ten years later, Farhan is a successful wildlife photographer, Raju is
settled in a comfortable lifestyle with a corporate job and wife, and
Chatur is vice president of a corporation in the United States. None of
them have heard from Rancho since graduation. Farhan is boarding a
flight, when he suddenly receives a call from Chatur claiming that he
has found Rancho. In order to exit the plane, Farhan causes an emergency
landing by faking a heart attack. On the way to the campus, he picks up
Raju and meets Chatur at the ICE campus only to find that Rancho is not
there. Chatur shows off pictures from his life in America, and reveals
that Rancho is in Shimla.
Arriving at Shimla, they meet a man who turns out to be the real Rancho

Apart from the critical phenomenon and genuine emotional love that the
movie intends to transfer,the humor,the singing-and-dancing scenes and
the suspense are also well inserted into the whole.I especially like the
first musical segment.It is surprisingly shot in their washroom and all
guys,with naked body covered by bubbles,are just yelling and wriggling
under the big shower.It’s so hilarious to see these guys enjoy so much
about their lovely campus life and the genial friendliness among them.

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Another impressive segment is the first shoot of Raju’family.In order to
reveal theirs proverty and harshness of life,the pictures are shot in
black-and-white with sparkling snowflakes.To be frank,once Raju’s
disease-trapped father and gloomy sister at the window shew up,I just
couldn’t help but raising my smile and this piece of segment was
definitely highlighted by Raju Mum’s rolling pin,a quite neglectful prop
at first.Just after Rancho and Fanhan put the pancakes into mouths,the
most weird scene happened!His mum used that rolling pin to help Raju’pa
to scratch!After doing the favor she just continuously used it,with a
sticked chest hair,to roll on the dough!Omg…

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I still appreciate some dialouge in the movie,eg
‘With such fear of tomorrow,how’ll you live today.’
‘Life is a race run or you’ll be trampled.’
‘Engineers are a clever bunch.They haven’t made a machine to measure
mental pressure.’
And the most significant—
Aal izz well!!威尼斯官方网站,!

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In any given time and place,when you put your hand on your heart and say
to yourself ‘Aal izz well’…not may it acquire the instant result,but it
does give us some hints of fine and hope,doesn’t it?XD

. From him, they learn that the Rancho they knew was actually “Chhote”,
an orphaned servant to the Chanchad family. Ranchodas’ father arranged
for Chhote to attend ICE in his son’s name, so that his son could take
credit for the degree. Ranchodas provides Chhote’s address in Ladakh,
where he is a school teacher. On the way, in Manali, they also rescue
Pia from her arranged wedding so that Pia can marry Rancho.
Upon arrival in Ladakh, the four find the village school, witnessing
young students’ inventions that resemble Rancho’s own college projects.
Raju, Farhan, and Pia then happily reunite with Rancho on a sandbar,
where Rancho and Pia kiss. Assuming Rancho to be a mere school teacher,
Chatur asks him to sign a statement that he is the less successful one.
Without comment, Rancho does so, and surrenders the space pen that Virus
had given him.
      The story is like their name. As the students of the Royal
Polytechnic, they have 42 exams in one semester, the suicide rate is
high. But in this high competitive place, Rancho occurred. he destroyed
the common sense of the university. He crushed the seniors and
embarrassed the headmaster. He tells Farhran to do things their hearts
love. He also tells Raju to put down the burden of the heart. Rancho
dared to challenge the rules, dare to confront the teacher. When one
student kill himself due to the headmaster’s word and pressure. He
talked to the headmaster, this is not a suicide, but a murder. However,
he does be a good man. He helped a passer to recognize her fiancé, he
constantly inspires others, his mantra is “ Aal izz well”. This is
exactly the case. In this film, his roommates live well from the
beginning of the film we can see. What They are worried and their
parents are worried and did not happen.
 The film uses flashback and narrative techniques. In the beginning, the
film told us that Farhran forced an airplane, Raju did not wear pants
and ran out. All of these just has one reason- they heard Rancho come
back. So we must have a great interest on “who is Rancho”. On the way
finding Rancho, Farhran’s memorize lead us into the main plot.
        Like all Indian’s film. Song and dance are two things that never
miss. However, song and dance in this film doesn’t give me the feeling
of abruptness. Everything is just right. Little jokes are one by one,
all kinds of small pieces of unavoidably, but it does not test the
patience of the audience. But I think the film is most worthy of praise
or its hesitate to self-deprecating spirit. Not these ridicule and song
and dance, the rest will only dry encouragement. Self-deprecating also
makes the film from the realism of the tone, will not become righteous
words of the hollow, otherwise, this pure idealist empty talk is really
difficult to justify. Everyone knows that Rancho is right, but also know
that his set in real life will be everywhere. The ideal face of reality
why always hit crushed? This is not simply classified as a lack of
passion or full of fear will be able to explain everything, more time,
and then sing “everything is good” is nothing but the spirit of the
self-paralysis of Ah Q. The expectations of the elders, peer pressure,
the need for survival, the scarcity of opportunities, talent can not be
made, again and again to the idealism to prove the tragic fate of
maverick; and rote students “silencer” is The success of the general
model of this “model” may be no charisma, lack of innovation, at best,
only when a working emperor; but in a rich and poor differentiation,
most people are still struggling for the third world countries , Do not
give birth to the ideal growth of the soil on the empty talk about the
ideal implementation is how naive ah, it is simply an unsuccessful into
the blood of the road! It is necessary to cross the gray area comparable
to the film with a decade of jokes more cruel, not necessarily bones and
oozes, at least the blood and tears………. Has been romantic of the
Hollywood film “when the happiness to knock on the door” (the pursuit of
happiness) have to show the protagonist with young children homeless,
after the toilet, eat relief to seize the opportunity to finally seize
the opportunity Success; “three fools” will be a solo struggle hard and
simply ignored, the focus entirely on the idealist theory, no ridicule,
do not engage in self-mockery certainly does not work.
        Although the film is an idealistic dream, it still touches a lot
of very thoughtful social problems, including India’s high suicide rate,
brain drain, school rote education methods and social division of the
single and employment options Lack of. India has faced these social
problems and the intersection of China, which is why I have also deeply
experienced the “great force over the single-plank bridge,” the pressure
of the Chinese audience will be quite sympathetic. The film is near the
end of a so that I was very surprised: has been hurried to Rancho
president of the “virus” in the storm water in the earnest to persuade
him “you can not always right.” Although the film cannot really go to
the direction of realism, but at least, this is sincere and sincere is
quite rare.
The Rancho is a virtual person who can only live in a movie, but the
courage and perseverance he represents is idealistic. First I think,
there are not many people who dare to challenge the rules. In China we
just know to follow the teacher. Second, in this film, Rancho’s purpose
is good, but it affects a lot of people. The behavior of Rancho disturbs
many people’s lives. Just as one people said: 3 Idiots just a dream
about ideal.

PS: Rancho is much alike to Tobey Maguire from ‘Spider Man’= =



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